Water Body Restoration

River water treatment /lake water treatment /temple pond water treatment

Waterbody rejuvenation is our core strength and feel proud to work with as many water body as possible, since it gives immense pleasure that we contribute to society to create sustainable water resource and prevent pollution.

Bioremediation is a wastewater management technique that involves the use of organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants from contaminated water.

Bioremediation is a treatment process, that uses naturally occurring microorganisms (yeast, fungi or bacteria) to breakdown or degrade hazardous substances into less toxic or non-toxic substances.

Several lakes have undergone bioremediation in recent years. Microorganisms eat and digest organic substances for nutrients and energy.

Certain microorganisms can digest organic substances such as metals & fuels that are hazardous to humans. They breakdown the organic contaminants into harmless by-products. Excess nutrients often play a role in eutrophied ponds and lakes.

Bioremediation can assist in reducing the nutrients to levels where they no longer affect the lake’s biota.

Current Scenario in most of the water bodies which we found is municipal(drinage) sewer line / community waste water is connected to lakes and rivers thereby creates huge pollution in the water, results in mosquitoes breeding, bad odour, health hazard,ground water pollution etc.,

We have a quick self sustainable green solution to tackle the issue of sewage mixed in water bodies and can be treated easily cost effectively using green innovative technologies like Bio Remediation of Water Bodies, Wetland Construction,Eco friendly sewage treatment plant,Floating wetlands,Anaerobic Hybried Reactors,sewage influent online treatment, Wetland Water Treatment etc.,

By implementing our green technologies we can restore polluted rivers,lakes,ponds and restore to it`s glory.

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