The many benefits of rainwater and how to harvest it effectively

Rainwater is perhaps the least well utilized natural resource we have. That is ironic given how water shortages are often experienced by many Indians. Also, rainwater is suitable for a variety of uses in houses and residential buildings.

Without a proper rainwater harvesting system in place, the water just gets drained into the septic tank/STP or diangage systems and sometimes even to the road. This could happen even when harvesting structures are in place, but they are of poor quality. 

Pratiks Enviro Solutions– an award winning company in the waste water management domain offers rainwater harvesting solutions that are robust, efficient and safe for independent households and other buildings. We also offer precast sumps and water treatment solutions that offer laundry wash wastewater treatment and sewage wastewater treatment.

Rain water is suitable for drinking-(Please see above image taken on 28th June,2020 (at chennai while raining) of the TDS meter readings of the Rainwater, it is showing 25 ppm which is an R O quality water with healthy minerals) Environment naturally gives a good quality potable water where as we, humans do all kinds of water pollution and end up with shortage of drinking water.

Offering economic, environmental and health benefits, harvesting rainwater is worthy of consideration for your place of residence/ apartment complex. But before looking at what makes Pratiks Enviro Solutions an ideal solution provider, let’s look at the advantages of rainwater harvesting. 

Benefits of using rainwater 

Good for your garden

The beautiful flowers you tend to will be grateful if you water them with rainwater. Most of the water is pumped from public utilities comes treated with chemicals like chorine by necessity. However, rainwater, being natural is free of artificial components. This benefits the plants’ health. Such pure water helps remove the salt that builds up in the ground where the plants stand. 

Can be used for multiple purposes 

Aside from watering your garden, rainwater can be used for multiple purposes that are common in households. These include cleaning the house, washing your vehicles, flushing toilets and more. 

Can be used for drinking

If properly stored by ensuring that no contaminants get into it, rain water could be used for drinking. As mentioned before, being natural, it is devoid of manmade contaminants and is healthy for the human body. Only, make sure that your storage unit doesn’t contain chemicals and other contaminants. Also, an adequate filtration system should be in place for the water that you drink. 

Good for your clothes 

In case you are wondering, rainwater is excellent to wash clothes with. A key reason why clothes lose their quality is washing them in hard water. Use of hard water necessitates a larger volume of detergent to get the garments cleaned. With soft water like rainwater, the amount of detergent you need is less, which in turn is good for clothes, keeping them soft for longer. And for laundry wash wastewater treatment make use of a wastewater treatment plant that would also provide sewage wastewater treatment. 

Less use of groundwater 

We live in an era of widespread overuse of natural resources. Nowhere is this more  evident than in the use of groundwater. Especially in urban centers, the depletion of groundwater turns into severe problems. Using rainwater for multiple purposes would naturally reduce your dependency on groundwater. Also, if rainwater is collected and used wisely in a good precast sump, you may not even need to drill a borewell, thereby saving on the cost. 

Cut down the water bill 

All the above-said uses of rainwater mean that you could lower the use of water from your main line by relying on rainwater. The savings on your water bill is just one more reason why you should consider collecting rainwater. With an effective precast sump you can store the rainwater required for many needs around the house. 

Excellent supplemental water supply during droughts 

In regions prone to experience droughts during the summer periods, it is especially beneficial to collect and store rainwater when the rains are plenty. In such places, it is common enough for the water in the main line and wells to dry up. In such scenarios, you could use the stored rainwater. 

Why choose rainwater harvesting solution from Pratiks Enviro Solutions 

We bring proven solutions that are suited to various property types. We provide hassle-free installation of the same, according to your requirements. Here are the key benefits in choosing us. 

Short turnaround 

With Pratiks Enviro Solutions, it is not just the quality that is guaranteed, but also that you get the solution in the least amount of time.  We get the underground rainwater concrete/ RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) precast sump tanks ready to install in just two hours.

Available in different capacities

Depending on the project, the capacity of the solution would also differ. We provide solutions in 5000 ltr, 10,000 ltr, 20,000 liters and more, catering to various requirements. water sumps and STP(Sewage treatment civil work) tank constructions.

Building water sumps onsite 

Our experts can construct water sumps adequate for your purposes onsite as per your requirement. 

In addition to these, we also provide sewage water treatment plants for various types of buildings. As mentioned before, these water treatment solutions offer laundry wash wastewater treatment, sewage wastewater treatment and more. In fact, for laundry wash wastewater treatment and sewage wastewater treatment, our solution is eco-friendly, using no harmful chemicals, protecting the environment.


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