STP Manual Scavenging / Sludge cleaning in STP Plant is a big challenge and a costly proposition.

Do you want green solutions to prevent STP cleaning?

Here is the solutions from Pratiks Enviro Solutions Bio STP – zero sludge and absolutely no manual scavenging required.

Let us look at Pratiks Bio STP benefits. 

Manual scavenging has no place in the supposedly modern  times that we are living in. But the truth remains that in one form or another, it persists in many parts of our country. That this is the case in even an urban centre like Bangalore is lamentable. 

Those who engage in this occupation often do so using minimal equipment. Sometimes, a broom and bucket are all that they get in the way of utilities. Also, they are often forced to carry the human excreta they collect to disposal sites at considerable distances. 

The effects of manual scavenging on workers

The toll this job takes on them is both physical and psychological. With constant exposure to toxic gases and the heightened chances of infections that the work entails, manual scavenging is associated with shorter life expectancies and heightened mortality rates. In India, 308 people have died from the practice of this occupation just in the 2018-2022 timespan. 

People in the occupation also face restricted social mobility. They are often seen as belonging to the lowest rungs in society by the larger world. Put another way, no matter how you look at it, it remains a dehumanising occupation. 

An enduring problem 

The curious fact is that manual scavenging persists despite a ban in place since 1993. A key reason for such a scenario is a lack of awareness on how to operate and maintain sewage treatment plants or STP Plant. The conventional forms of manual scavenging have reduced. But the increased use of non-efficient sewage wastewater treatment solutions is normalising the trade. 

Also, because sewage wastewater treatment plants are a relatively new solution, not all manual scavenging-related mishaps in STPs get categorised so. Under India’s Manual Scavengers Act, if human excreta is cleaned by someone using a mechanical utensil and protective gear, it will not be categorised as manual scavenging. But in multiple instances, the devices and gears they use are not adequate, resulting in mishaps. This further complicates the scenario. 

What is the solution? 

As mentioned before, a lack of awareness about efficient STPs is a major reason for the problem. Installing the right Bio Sewage Treatment Plant solutions would go a long way in solving it. The ideal solution should require no manpower to maintain the STP at all.

The good news is, there are such solutions available in the market, thanks to ingenious engineering and modern technology. In fact, such a solution from Pratiks  Enviro Solutions is laudable. Revolutionary Bio sewage treatment plant is a National Award winning technology. 

Comparison among STP technologies. Source: Pratiks Enviro Solutions

Advantages of using Pratiks’ BIO -STP

Let’s look at the major benefits of using the bio STP.  

  • No manpower required to run the Bio Sewage Treatment Plant: The biotreatment technology used in the STP helps it run on its own, following a natural process. 
  • Functions without electricity: You don’t need power to run this bio STP, leading to savings on your energy bills. 
  • Get reusable clean water: The sewage treatment results in the production of clean water that can be used for multiple purposes like irrigation,toilet flushing etc.,
  • Adheres to stringent norms by Pollution Control Board: The rules and regulations for Bio Sewage Treatment Plant are rather stringent. Not every vendor may be able to adhere to them. But Pratiks ensures that every norm is followed. 
  • Quick installation: The solution could be installed in as little as 48 hours, and you can start getting treated water sample soon after. 
  • 20% savings on capital investment: Compared to conventional STPs, the Bio Sewage Treatment Plant from Pratiks Enviro Solutions gets you savings on  the capital investment required to install it. 
  • 80% savings in operation cost: Compared to other sewage treatment options, it offers significant operation cost savings. 

As mentioned earlier, the continued instances of manual scavenging in Bengaluru is partly facilitated by using inefficient sewage wastewater treatment solutions. The sewage wastewater treatment solution from Pratiks serves as an apt solution in this context. Since it converts the waste into usable water, removing  toxic sludge waste is not required here. Also, it doesn’t need manpower to run, further reducing chances of mishaps involving humans working in it. 

STP treated water Disposal is another Big Challenge for large capacity STPs in Bengaluru.

Here again Pratiks Enviro Solutions Ensures the Bio STP treated water meets the stringent environmental norms to recharge the stp treated water by adopting natural methodologies like hydrogeological survey,soil infiltration test etc.,

If the Plant sewage treatment is Anaerobic process, then partial recharge through soil base can be done without tertiary treatment and recharge to ground and partial treated water can be reused for toilet flushing and gardening.

Design of the recharge or oxidation system depends on the type of soil base.and it is customized design as per the space availability.

If this method is adopted disposal of stp treated water can be 100% utilised within the apartment premises itself.

If it is aerobic sewage treatment this cannot be done due to various technical reasons like water can not be recharged by pressure,stp if non functional then sewage gets into ground water, etc…

If Anaerobic the entire design is self sustainable and does not require any manual intervention to disturb the nature.

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