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“When well is dry, we will know the worth of water”

Pratiks Enviro Solutions Founder

I am Dakshayini S. Dalavai, a water conservation enthusiast.

Pratiks Enviro Solutions took shape because of my passion to restore lakes and rivers. It pained me to watch the filth and plastic floating in our water bodies and I decided to do something about it. A few visits and some concerted action with the local bodies pushed cleansing of a small pond in the vicinity of my home. That was the catalyst.

After much research and analysis, I concluded that water management is a habit; its a culture. It has to be inculcated in every Indian to protect their water bodies because WATER IS OUR LIFE ENERGY. It is indeed sad to see that this precious and valuable resource on earth is treated with such callousness. I decided to educate and empower people to be water ambassadors. I reached out to people with affordable water management solutions that are easily implementable, with zero-power, zero-maintenance and absolutely personal.

My enthusiasm and passion were ably backed by IIM, Kozhikode. Here my ecologically sensitive and bio-oriented wastewater management idea was incubated into taking shape as a viable enterprise. I have succeeded in making Pratiks Enviro Solutions – Social Entrepreneurship,a  sustainable enterprise since 2011.

The mission is working to create awareness on the existing situation pertaining to water scarcity, quality and generate a discourse on sustainable use of water amongst various users. With growing and extensive depletion and pollution of our water resources, our current work is being restructured to bring this issue back in focus to provide a sense of urgency to the debate of water management.

The objectives of the Mission are:

  1. To advocate policy direction towards sustainable water management.
  2. To document and disseminate best practices on water conservation, management, reuse and recycling across various sectors and create a forum to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences in the country.
  3. To promote through leadership and policy advocacy on sustainable water management including market for wastewater.

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