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Pratiks Enviro Solutions provides eco-friendly and responsible wastewater management solutions. Our eco-friendly Bio Septic Tank installations are preferred by clients who want clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being.

Our work starts with inspecting your site, where we check the porosity of the site soil. The porosity determines if it can serve as the drain field, for the treated water.

Our Bio Septic Tank solutions are built around one or more concrete tanks, each one serving as a chamber. When wastewater enters the first chamber, solids settle down, while scum floats. These solids are treated with appropriate bio enzymes facilitating anaerobic digestion, leading to break down and reduction of the floating and settled down solids. The treated Waste Water Treatment flows through the dividing solid wall onto the second chamber, where this process is repeated. This is an ongoing process and with time, the relatively clean water drains into the oxidation tank, also knowns as septic drain field/soil evaporation system.

Depending on the locality this septic drain field is referred to as leach field or seepage field. The design of our Bio Septic Tank ensures that the beneficial bacteria also get carried to the leach field and help to reduce solids and help prevent soil clogging.

Pratiks Enviro Solutions, Bio-Waste Water System is suitable for a single house to up to 25 houses, Small and medium industries having employees ranging from 1 to 200 is suitable, Constructions site can effectively use our system for Construction labours for toilet wastewater treatment.

Bio Septic tank prevents Septic Lorry Pump-out and saves huge money and prevent groundwater pollution.

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