Pratiks Enviro Solutions offers Waste Water Management solutions. Our goal is to increase sustainability in all segments of water and waste water treatment.

Quick Facts

Founded : 2011

Our Vision : To cleanse India’s water bodies; To ensure Indian women and children have access to clean water, all year round.

Our Mission : To educate and empower people to implement sustainable water management solutions that are environment friendly with least carbon foot print.

Pratiks Enviro Solutions can help industries, facility management enterprises and domestic households turn waste water into a reusable resource, using our eco-friendly products and services.

We are experts are creating bespoke sustainable solutions, with minimal or zero power requirements.

With us, your capital costs remain low and ROI goes high.

Under the larger umbrella of waste water management, we deliver end-to-end sustainable solutions for industries. Our solutions help convert industrial waste water to reusable water, reduce sludge and can be designed to produce renewable energy. Our waste water management solutions can be effectively implemented by the following industries:

  • Meat and Fish processing
  • Dairy Processing
  • Fruit processing
  • Soft Drink and Confectionery industries
  • Brewing
  • Paper and Pulp processing
  • All manufacturing, pharma and chemical industries where their waste water must be treated before being released as effluents into water bodies.

Our solutions are customized based on the different types and volume of organic load of industry effluents. Our services and products are offered based on the characteristics of the effluents.

We work with domestic households too, offering eco-friendly waste water management solutions. Our domestic services are designed to be plug-and-play deliverables for architects, residential or commercial builders, house owners and apartment associations. Our primary offerings in the non-industrial segment are:

  • Bio Septic Tanks
  • Bio Sewage Tank Plants or Bio STP
  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Water Tank / Water Sump / RCC pre-cast Sumps

At Pratiks Enviro Solutions, we understand that :

  • Access to clean water can alter the lives of over a billion plus population in India.
  • We must REMEDIATE, RECYCLE and remain RESPONSIBLE with water at every touch point of our daily lives.

….And it has to be implemented on a war footing.